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Fablink is a leading provider of Software and Hardware in the Sheet Metal and HVAC industries with a focus on CAM/CAD/Estimating.

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What We Do

From HVAC estimating software to CAD/CAM hardware, from MEP estimates to the latest in 3-D visualization technologies, Fablink strives and succeeds in bringing the latest CAD/CAM tools to customize your products to match your specific needs.

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Seamlessly Integrates Your Entire Workflow

Increase your efficiency and remove production bottlenecks by eliminating double/triple inputting via our seamless product integration. BID, BIM, and BUILD faster with one fully-integrated CAD/CAM software suite.

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PractiCAD/CAM Estimation by MetaLab Inc. is designed to help you bid on work more accurately and efficiently. It also aids in integrating estimating, drafting, and manufacturing into one seamless workflow. 

Complete Design Suite to Service All Your CAD/CAM/Estimating Needs! 

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PractiCAD by MetaLab Inc. is an AutoCAD-based, fully-automated, 3-D CAD system for BIM modeling and drafting. Complete with HVAC sheet metal, piping, and plumbing, this CAD system effortlessly integrates with your manufacturing process.

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PractiCAD by MetaLab Inc. offers the most advanced CAM and estimating manufacturing technology. Thousands of 3-D fittings, products, parts, shapes, patterns, and accessories are made possible with this advanced, fully-integrated CAM system. It’s the most effective and economical solution for your business.

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Global Presence

Fablink, and its partners, can provide software/hardware solutions across the world and in a multitude of languages.