PractiCAM/PractiCAD Estimation™

The Leading Estimating software used for HVAC and Sheet Metal.

Taking Estimating to the Next Level

MetaLab is the leading provider of CAD/CAM/Estimating systems for both mechanical and HVAC trades. Utilize PractiCAM/CAD Estimation as a standalone system, or add it to virtually any MetaLab program. Have it sit on Windows or AutoCAD, whichever you prefer to suit your needs.

Advantages of PractiCAM/CAD Estimation

Our PractiCAM/CAD Design Suites have been uniquely designed to share information between all products and can be easily updated across your network. Read or write from any system at any time with the proper administrative privileges, and take advantage of our streamlined data-sharing software suites.

The days of estimating with only one software, drafting in another, then inputting the information into a third system for fabrication are over. Don’t waste your time recreating the same data again and again and again. MetaLab’s PractiCAM/CAD Design Suites seamlessly integrate CAD/CAM & Estimating Systems under one digital roof greatly reducing any and all inefficiencies in your workflow. PractiCAM Estimating not only has the ability to keep track of everything you make, but it also keeps track of everything that you buy. Accessories, such as dampers, tie rods, stiffeners, ductmate frames, clips, corners, bolts and gaskets can be tracked and reported to make purchasing easy.  

Each aspect of our PractiCAD/CAM & Estimating Systems delivers unparalleled drafting advantages to users. Take off prints quickly and with ease, access accurate and flexible labor tables, quickly key in custom fittings called in from staff or clients for instant pricing, share data between all systems to eliminate redundancy, and download directly from your estimates to your CAD or fabrication departments instantly.

Using PractiCAD/CAM & Estimating Systems Estimation on its own or integrated into other MetaLab software suites will help you BID, BIM, and BUILD faster than ever before. Reach out to us via phone or email at any time for a free presentation of our software suites in action or to learn more about purchasing. 

PractiCAM/CAD Estimation™ Improves Your Productivity

Ability to Trace Prints Quickly and Accurately (Duct-Line)

Preset Labor Tables for Shop and Field Labor

 Downloads Direct from Estimate to PractiCAM for Fabrication

List Estimating and Quick Quotes

Instant Pricing from Customer to Customer

 Instantly Converts Estimates Directly Into 2D or 3D PractiCAD/REV Models

Real Time Estimates As You Trace Prints (Material & Labor)

Centralized Pricing Database Makes Pricing Updates Easy

Single Source Database Management

User Defined/Automatic Factors Adjust Estimates as you go.

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