Bridging the Gap between Engineer, Drafting, and Manufacturing

Building Information Modeling (BIM) at it’s Finest

PractiCAD-Revit, by MetaLab Inc. is a Revit-based CAD software designed to aid in the development of BIM (Builiding Information Modeling) drawings. Deliverables from PractiCAD-Revit can easily be brought in PractiCAD, PractiCAM, or estimating systems, for fabrication or cost analysis.

PractiREV™ Improves Your Workflow

Ductline Tool-Fast Automated Drafting

Downloads Direct from PractiREV to PractiCAM for Fabrication

Cross Sectioning with PractiREV makes Edits Easy

Converts Engineer Drawings into Shop Drawings Quickly

Automatic Tagging and Piece Numbering

Convert Revit to PractiCAD

Export PractiCAD to Revit

Revit Fabrication Download to PractiCAM

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