Design Suite™

The PractiCAD Design Suite™ by MetaLab is the ultimate tool for Building Information Modeling (BIM). This all-in-one software suite comes complete with PractiCAD™, PractiPIPE™, PractiREV™, and PractiNAV™, offering complete interoperability between AutoCAD, AutoCAD MEP, Revit, and Navis Works. Are you tired of needing to enter data multiple times into multiple software systems? Seamlessly integrate and automate your Drafting processes together to eliminate redundancy and maximize efficiency.  

Additionally, with the addition of PractiCAM™ or the PractiCAM Design Suite™, you can download all sheet metal fittings directly from your 3D model to your CNC cutting machines. BID, BIM, and BUILD better with the PractiCAD Design Suite!


Design Suite™

The PractiCAM Design Suite™ by MetaLab is the ultimate tool for sheet metal fabrication and Estimating. This all-in-one suite comes complete with PractiCAM™, PractiCAM Estimation™, and PractiCAM Drafting & Fitting Assemblies™. Call-in orders from staff and clients can be estimated and fabricated simultaneously, greatly improving productivity.

Estimates taken from prints can be instantly sent to PractiCAD™, PractiREV™, & PractiNAV™ for BIM coordination or downloaded directly to PractiCAM™ for instant fabrication. Don’t waste your time entering information into multiple software suites again and again. Seamlessly integrate your entire workflow using the PractiCAM Design Suite™!

PractiCAD/CAM Design Suite™

The Leading CAD/CAM software used for HVAC and Sheet Metal estimating.

Fablink understands that you're only as good as your software system's performance. That's why we've worked with MetaLab Inc. and put together a peerless package of sheet metal and HVAC software that's revolutionizing the way CAM, CAD, and Estimating get done. Give yourself an edge over the competition with our innovative software suites.


PractiCAD Design Suite™ Includes:


PractiCAM Design Suite™ Includes:

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