The leading CNC CAM software used for HVAC and sheet metal fabrication.

Taking Fabrication to the Next Level

PractiCAM by MetaLab Inc. is the most advanced manufacturing technology for sheet metal and HVAC. Thousands of fittings, products, parts, shapes, patterns, and accessories are possible with this highly-rated CAM system. PractiCAM is the most efficient and economical solution for all of your CNC fabrication needs.

PractiCAM™ Improves Your Workflow

Largest 3-D Fitting Libraries in the world (Over 4000+ 3D Parametric Templates) 

Completely Integrated 2D CAD For Unlimited Part Modification & Design

Advanced Automatic Nesting Minimizes Scrap

Maximize Your Metal Savings With Stock Inventory Nesting

Complete Automation of Accessories (Tie Rods, Turning Vanes, Dampers, etc…)

Unlimited Ability to Design Allowances (Locks, Joints, Connectors, Seams, etc…)

Organize Your Shop With Intelligent Labeling 

Instant, Automatic, Comprehensive Reports 

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Revit Fabrication to PractiCAM Download

What Can PractiCAM™ Drive?

PractiCAM is a CNC CAM software that’s able to drive virtually every CNC cutter on the market today including plasma, laser, and waterjets. This CAM system can also be downloaded to most industrial coil lines and spiral machines.

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Largest 3-D Fitting Libraries In The World

PractiCAM libraries include over 4,000 fittings and over 2,000 flat shapes such as:

  • round/rectangular/oval duct fittings (single and double wall)
  • roofing elements
  • curb adapters
  • louvers
  • dormers
  • plenums
  • leader heads
  • industrial metal
  • architectural profiles 
  • wall panels
  • ornamental metal 
  • customizable items
  • and more!

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