Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers can be found increasingly throughout a multitude of industries in our modern world. Thanks to the many wavelengths that they can create, they are widely used throughout industrial settings to perform tasks involving marking, welding, cutting, cleaning, drilling, texturing, and much more.

Fiber Lasers

What is a Fiber Laser Machine?

A fiber laser cutting machine really boils down to two main components: a laser system that does the cutting and a framework in which the laser is integrated. A fiber laser cutter will generally be ready to use right away because it is an integrated system; an OEM laser will cut while housed in an independent structural system.

These are typically standalone machines that can handle a wide variety of delicate manufacturing or laser work which would be otherwise difficult to replicate with other tools and machines. 

Are Fiber Laser Cutters Safe? 

Fiber laser cutting machines are safe systems to use because they have been engineered to not only keep workers safe from acute harm but also from the long-term effects of working with hazardous materials in their field. Fiber laser cutters provide safety features such as:

  • dangerous fume extraction systems
  • shrouded mechanical components
  • automated operations with emergency stops
  • customized laser housings
  • eye protection and vision cameras to watch work happen

How Does a Fiber Laser Machine Work?

There are five essential processes that occur during the operation of a fiber laser cutter:

1) Light is generated by laser diodes. 

2) The generated light is guided through fiber-optic cables.

3) Light gets amplified in the laser cavity before being released. 

4) The laser’s light wavelength is specified according to the doping element inside the cavity.

5) The final shape of the laser beam is shaped and released. 

Fiber lasers make use of an optical fiber cable that's made out of silica glass to direct light. The resulting laser beam that's created is far more precise than with other types of industrial lasers thanks to its litheness and straightness. Fiber laser machines also have small footprints, making them efficient for the space they occupy. Additionally, the low operating costs and low maintenance costs of fiber lasers make them attractive options for industries such as medicine and telecommunication.

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