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Plasma Cutting


A plasma cutting machine is one of the most broadly used, fine-tuned tools for cutting even the most heavyweight metals efficiently. When it comes to crafting the right shape of manufacturing materials, little can compare to the performance of a CNC plasma cutter. Plasma cutters are computer automated, which allows for highly accurate and precise cutting each use.

With a plasma cutter, one can work with a variety of different types of metals to create the perfect cuts for their needs. No overly complex knowledge is required, and our CNC plasma machine software operates with precision and speed.

Lessen material waste and get the most out of your metal sheets with the help of Fablink’s plasma cutting machines!  

What is Plasma Cutting? 

Plasma cutting is a common method of cutting stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and more using a plasma torch. Plasma cutters work by delivering an electric arc through a gas which passes through a tight opening. This gas can be nitrogen, shop air, argon, oxygen, and more depending on the needs and use cases. As the temperature of the gas rises, it enters the 4th state of matter: plasma. Compressed air blows away the molten elements during the work. 

Industries that Use Plasma Cutting Machines

There are multiple industries that make use of plasma cutters on a regular basis. Some might seem obvious, but others less so: 

  • agriculture
  • manufacturing
  • constructing
  • engineering
  • chemistry
  • art/hobbyist 
  • medical fields

Since a CNC plasma table will revamp the way metal is cut, it’s the perfect tool for saving on labor, work time, and material costs.  

CNC Retrofits for Increased Reliability and Better Performance

Our plasma cutting machines and CNC software represent a serious investment into a business, and considering a retrofit is no small cost. However, the benefits of a CNC retrofit far outweigh any costs derived from the operation itself. Plasma cutters, CNC retrofits, and more allow machines that have served admirably but are otherwise out of date to elevate their performance and continue to act as reliable CNC machines. Our team of CNC retrofitting specialists nearby will be able to carry out your retrofitting to extend the useful life of your plasma cutters.  

Plasma Cutter Maintenance and Support

Fablink offers full support for all of our CNC plasma cutting machines and retrofits. It’s our goal to make sure that clients have the best experience possible with their machines and software, meaning that we’re standing by to offer you the support needed to best understand how to maximize your efficiency, productivity, and more. 

If you’re ready to learn more about Fablink’s plasma cutter offerings, CNC retrofits, software, and more, give us a call or send us an email today to speak with a knowledgeable representative! 

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