The Ultimate tool for a fully automated drafting solution for piping and plumbing trades.

Taking MEP drafting to the next level

In the world of MEP CAD drafting services, demands have never been higher. With the growth of urban infrastructure, plumbing services, and the need for sophisticated software to handle them, professionals are constantly on the lookout for innovative tools. Enter PractiPIPE: your one-stop solution for all things related to 3D plumbing, and MEP drafting.

Dive Deep into 3D Plumbing

With PractiPIPE, you’re not just getting software; you’re getting a revolutionary experience in 3D plumbing and automatic drafting. Whether you’re dealing with long pipes, raw pipes, or pipe fittings, visualizing them in a 3D space has never been this intuitive. Gone are the days when 3D models were a luxury. Now, they're an indispensable part of any MEP project.

PractiPIPE contains all of the manufacturer’s catalogs that you need. The robust system builder within PractiPIPE is designed to generate plumbing and piping systems quickly in order to automate and expedite the drafting process. 

Automatic Drafting

Automatic drafting that’s both easy to use and high-quality in detail is no longer a distant dream. With PractiPIPE, turn your conceptual ideas into detailed MEP models in no time. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a shift in how you approach MEP drafting. From intricate plumbing systems to complex hookups and connectors, get everything auto-drafted with precision.

The Advantage of PractiPIPE

Our software doesn’t just give you tools; it offers solutions. From Revit MEP down to pipe spool fabrication, PractiPIPE ensures you’re never left guessing. 

The real advantage of the software is the speed and accuracy at which you can find your desired components, even though there are hundreds of thousands of different plumbing and piping components in total to select from! There are multiple ways to search, from manufacturers to parameters like material and connector type. PractiPIPE can be used together or separately with PractiCAD’s duct package. 

Serving a Multitude of Industries

PractiPIPE is versatility at its best. Whether you’re in the fabrication shop or dealing with power plants, this automated drafting software has got you covered. Its applications span across:

  • Petroleum Refineries: Needing to outfit a facility that requires intensive piping? Say no more. PractiPIPE ensures your designs meet industry standards.
  • Fabrication Shops: From roll fitting and welding to pipe spool fabrication, ensure everything is up to mark with our software.
  • Power Plants: With systems that require detailed MEP models, our software ensures you’re always on top of your game.
  • Urban Development: Whether you’re looking at the plumbing systems of a skyscraper or a small residence, PractiPIPE’s precision is unparalleled.

Elevate Your 3D Plumbing Game with PractiPIPE

The industry is evolving, and so should your tools. PractiPIPE isn’t just another MEP software tool; it's the next step forward for automatic drafting. With features tailored for today’s system demands and an eye on the future, it ensures you're always at the forefront.

Ready to redefine your MEP drafting journey? Dive into the world of PractiPIPE. For the best MEP drafting software for plumbing and pipes around, call or email the knowledgeable team at Fablink today and learn more about what PractiPIPE can do for you! 

PractiPIPE™ Improves Your Workflow

Extensive 3-D Present Piping/Plumbing Catalogs From Major Manufacturers

Piping Systems Builder

Automatic Pipeline

Intelligent Editing

Drawing on Slope


Automatic Hanger Mechanism

Fully Automatic Spooling & Reporting

Automatic Annotation & Reporting
  • Automatic Tagging of All PCAD Entities
  • Automatic Layering of All Entities
  • Automatic Hidden Line Generation (Ex: Duct over Duct)
  • Full Automatic Reporting of All Entities (Ex: Comprehensive BOM’s)
  • Ability to Create Spool Drawings of Pipe (Automatically Creates, Numbers, and Dimensions Pipe)
  • Ability to Easily Create a Cross Section (Edits with Main View)
  • Ability to Create “Spool Map” Drawings
  •  Ability to Create Custom Items Using AutoCAD DWG's for Equipment (Can Create PractiCAD Attachment Points)
Complete Systems Integration
  • Compatibility with all latest versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD MEP
  •  Full Networking Capability
Real Manufacturing Meets Drafting
  •  Extensive 3-D Parametric Pipe Libraries from Major Manufacturers (Ex: Victaullic, Weld Bend, Charlotte, Nibco, etc...)
  • Ability to Add Insulation to Pipe
  • Ability to Create Catalogues of All Entities
  • Automatic Spooling for Pre-Fabrication of Piping Systems
  • Full Architectural Libraries Including Steel, Bar Joists, Slabs, Walls, Lights, Ceiling Grids, GRD's etc...
True 3D "BIM" Modeling
  • 100% Building Information Modeling (BIM) compliant software.  Produces Level of Development (LOD) 400+ Drawings (Level of Development)
  • Automatic Collision Detection between PCAD Entities, AutoCAD Lines, Polyline, PolyFaceMesh Lines, and AutoCAD 3-D Solids
  • Ability to Export to Navis Works for BIM Coordination
  • Ability to Export to Revit with PractiREV
  • Partial View Feature for Advance Isometric Isolation/Viewing
Drafting Automation
  • Automatic Application of Custom Defined Systems and Services
  • Full Auto-Routing Capability. (Ex: Between Pipes)
  • Ability to Create Automatics and Ultimatics (These are user-defined one-touch clicks, that automate tasks like selection, editing, routing, numbering, reporting, downloading etc...Easily the most efficient/powerful feature in the software)
  • Advanced Editing Capabilities of All Entities (Ex: All properties of all entities can be edited globally and on the fly. Systems, Dimensions, Tags, Reports, Etc... (Ex: Systems can be changed from one to another)
  • Automatic Optimization of Pipe (Ex: Eliminates Couplings or Extra Joints not needed)
  • Automatic Hanger Mechanism (Placement, Editing, Reporting, and Ability to Download to Robotic TotalStations)
  • Easy to Draw Sloped Pipe
  • Easy to Draw Parallel Pipe

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