The Ultimate tool for a fully automated drafting solution for piping and plumbing trades.

Taking MEP drafting to the next level

PractiPIPE™ by MetaLab Inc. is an AutoCAD/AutoCAD MEP-based, fully automated, 3D CAD system for BIM modeling & drafting. Complete with hundreds of thousands of piping and plumbing components from the most widely used manufacturers in the world plus features for automatic routing, editing, spooling, and more...

PractiPIPE™ Improves Your Workflow

Extensive 3-D Present Piping/Plumbing Catalogs From Major Manufacturers

Piping Systems Builder

Automatic Pipeline

Intelligent Editing

Drawing on Slope


Automatic Hanger Mechanism

Fully Automatic Spooling & Reporting

Automatic Annotation & Reporting
  • Automatic Tagging of All PCAD Entities
  • Automatic Layering of All Entities
  • Automatic Hidden Line Generation (Ex: Duct over Duct)
  • Full Automatic Reporting of All Entities (Ex: Comprehensive BOM’s)
  • Ability to Create Spool Drawings of Pipe (Automatically Creates, Numbers, and Dimensions Pipe)
  • Ability to Easily Create a Cross Section (Edits with Main View)
  • Ability to Create “Spool Map” Drawings
  •  Ability to Create Custom Items Using AutoCAD DWG's for Equipment (Can Create PractiCAD Attachment Points)
Complete Systems Integration
  • Compatibility with all latest versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD MEP
  •  Full Networking Capability
Real Manufacturing Meets Drafting
  •  Extensive 3-D Parametric Pipe Libraries from Major Manufacturers (Ex: Victaullic, Weld Bend, Charlotte, Nibco, etc...)
  • Ability to Add Insulation to Pipe
  • Ability to Create Catalogues of All Entities
  • Automatic Spooling for Pre-Fabrication of Piping Systems
  • Full Architectural Libraries Including Steel, Bar Joists, Slabs, Walls, Lights, Ceiling Grids, GRD's etc...
True 3D "BIM" Modeling
  • 100% Building Information Modeling (BIM) compliant software.  Produces Level of Development (LOD) 400+ Drawings (Level of Development)
  • Automatic Collision Detection between PCAD Entities, AutoCAD Lines, Polyline, PolyFaceMesh Lines, and AutoCAD 3-D Solids
  • Ability to Export to Navis Works for BIM Coordination
  • Ability to Export to Revit with PractiREV
  • Partial View Feature for Advance Isometric Isolation/Viewing
Drafting Automation
  • Automatic Application of Custom Defined Systems and Services
  • Full Auto-Routing Capability. (Ex: Between Pipes)
  • Ability to Create Automatics and Ultimatics (These are user-defined one-touch clicks, that automate tasks like selection, editing, routing, numbering, reporting, downloading etc...Easily the most efficient/powerful feature in the software)
  • Advanced Editing Capabilities of All Entities (Ex: All properties of all entities can be edited globally and on the fly. Systems, Dimensions, Tags, Reports, Etc... (Ex: Systems can be changed from one to another)
  • Automatic Optimization of Pipe (Ex: Eliminates Couplings or Extra Joints not needed)
  • Automatic Hanger Mechanism (Placement, Editing, Reporting, and Ability to Download to Robotic TotalStations)
  • Easy to Draw Sloped Pipe
  • Easy to Draw Parallel Pipe

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