The Ultimate Tool for a Fully Automatic HVAC Drafting Solution, completely and seamlessly integrated with your manufacturing and estimating processes

Taking Drafting To The Next Level

An AutoCAD-based software, PractiCAD is a 3-D BIM utility designed to greatly increase the productivity of any contractor’s drafting, estimating, and manufacturing departments. It’s the ultimate tool for a fully-automatic HVAC drafting solution that totally and seamlessly integrates into your manufacturing and estimating process.

Elevate Your Drafting, Estimating, and More with PractiCAD

PractiCAD by MetaLab Inc. is the latest and greatest in HVAC software that’s been tailored for improving contractor productivity. PractiCAD is an AutoCAD or AutoCAD MEP-based, fully automated, 3-D CAD system for drafting and modeling. Complete with MEP CAD, CNC CAD, and BIM integration, our software fully integrates into your already existing manufacturing processes. PractiCAD is completely customizable with additional templates for any HVAC sheet metal, piping, and plumbing layouts available upon request for free by emailing or calling Fablink

PractiCAD™ Improves Your Workflow

Ductline Tool

Largest Preset 3-D Parametric Fitting Libraries in the World

Fully Automatic Specifications and Layering

Extremely Powerful Editing

Quick AutoRouting

Automatic Tagging

Single Source Database

Automatic Hanger Mechanism

Instant Reporting of All Entities

Direct Download From CAD to CAM for Instant Fabrication

Automatic Annotation & Reporting
  • Automatic Tagging of All PCAD Entities
  • Automatic Piece Numbering
  • Automatic Hidden Line Generation (Ex: Duct over Duct)
  • Ability to Create Spool Drawings of Pipe and Duct
  • Automatic Layering of All Entities
  • Full Automatic Reporting of All Entities (Ex: Purchased Items)
  • Ability to Easily Create a Cross Section (Edits with Main View)
  • Ability to Create Custom Items Using AutoCAD DWG's for Equipment (Can Create PractiCAD Attachment Points)
Complete Systems Integration
  • Ability to download directly from PractiCAD to PractiCAM for Fabrication (Eliminates Inputting into Plasma)
  • Compatibility with all latest versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD MEP
  • Full Networking Capability
  • Ability to Exchange All Information with PractiCAM (Single Source Entry)
Real Manufacturing Meets Drafting
  • Extensive 3-D Parametric Fitting Libraries, Including Round, Rect, Oval, Single/Dual Wall, VAV's and AHU's
  • Ability to Create Catalogues of All Entities
  • Full Architectural Libraries Including Steel, Bar Joists, Slabs, Walls, Lights, Ceiling Grids, GRD's, etc...
  • Automatic Application of true Specifications (SMACNA etc...)
  • Ability to Add All Accessories on Drawing (Dampers, Tie Rods, Vanes, Etc...All Fully Downloadable to PractiCAM)
True 3D "BIM" Modeling
  • 100% Building Information Modeling (BIM) compliant software. Produces Level of Development (LOD) 400+ Drawings
  • Ability to Export to Navis Works for BIM Coordination
  • Ability to Export to Revit with PractiREV
  • Partial View Feature for Advance Isometric Isolation/Viewing
  • Automatic Collision Detection between PCAD Entities, AutoCAD Lines, Polylines, PolyFaceMesh Lines, and AutoCAD 3-D Solids
Drafting Automation
  • Ability to Create Automatics and Ultimatics (These are user-defined one-touch clicks, that automate tasks like selection, editing, routing, numbering, reporting, downloading, etc...Easily the most efficient/powerful feature in the software)

  • Advanced Editing Capabilities of All Entities (Ex: All properties of all entities can be edited globally and on the fly. Specifications, Dimensions, Tags, Reports, Etc...)
  • Ability to Convert 2-D Steel Drawings into 3-D Steel/Bar Joists

  • Full Auto-Routing Capability. (Ex: Between Fittings, to GRD's)
  • Automatic Hanger Mechanism (Placement, Editing, Reporting, and Ability to Download to Robotic TotalStation)

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