Insulation Cutters

Fablink stands at the forefront of insulation cutting technology, offering state-of-the-art cutters designed to meet and exceed your cutting needs. Whether you're dealing with acoustic liners, Armaflex, or other materials, our range of cutters ensures a seamless and accurate cutting experience.

Insulation Cutters

Why Choose Fablink's Insulation Cutters?

Fablink's insulation cutters are not just tools; they are gateways to enhanced productivity. Here’s why:

Compatibility with PractiCAM Software: Our insulation cutters integrate smoothly with PractiCAM, the leading software in the fabrication industry. This integration allows for automated cutting processes, reducing human error and increasing efficiency.

Customer Support: We value our relationships with our customers, making sure that their insulation cutters work flawlessly and integrate seamlessly into their manufacturing pipeline.  

Precision Cutting Technology: Precision is paramount, and our cutters deliver it. They are designed to produce clean, precise cuts every time, ensuring quality and consistency in your work.

Types of Insulation Cutters


Routers are the epitome of detailed and precise cutting. Ideal for intricate designs, they navigate complex patterns with ease, making clean and sharp cuts. This precision is indispensable for projects requiring fine detail, such as custom joinery or decorative paneling.

Moreover, Fablink’s routers are equipped with advanced technology that ensures smooth operation and easy handling. This user-friendly nature, combined with their precision, makes them a go-to choice for craftsmen who value accuracy and detail in their work.


Vapojets utilize a unique vaporization technique to cut materials delicately. This method is especially beneficial for materials that are prone to damage under excessive heat or pressure. The vapojet ensures that the structural integrity and quality of such materials are maintained throughout the cutting process; they’re ideal when a gentle touch is required.

Furthermore, the precision of vapojets extends to their ability to produce fine, clean cuts with minimal waste. This efficiency is particularly advantageous when working with expensive or limited materials, making vapojets an essential tool in specialized fabrication tasks.

Waterjet Cutters

Waterjet cutters are renowned for their ability to cut through hard materials with precision. The combination of high-pressure water and abrasive materials allows them to slice through metals, stones, and composites cleanly and accurately, making them versatile for various applications.

In addition to their cutting power, waterjet cutters are valued for their ability to cut without inducing heat, thereby preventing material distortion or warping. This cold-cutting method ensures that even the most sensitive materials retain their properties and quality, making waterjet cutters an indispensable tool in diverse fabrication scenarios.

Ready to Transform Your Cutting Processes?

With Fablink's insulation cutters, you're not just purchasing a tool; you're investing in efficiency, precision, and versatility. Our range of routers, vapojets, and waterjet cutters ensures that you have the right tool for any job, and with our PractiCAM software integration, Fablink's solutions redefine the cutting experience. Embrace the future of cutting technology by reaching out to us today via phone or email, and start enhancing your productivity!

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